Dazzling, creative, interesting and brilliant...

Dazzling, creative, interesting and brilliant...

Attention-grabbing copy that really captures your audience.

Yes, I know. You can write, we can all write, but can you really write? I mean write truly compelling content that makes the reader SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE! Well, maybe you can, in which case, why on earth are you reading this? Stop – you’re on the wrong website. If you can’t write properly though, or maybe you can but you have too many other things to deal with, then perhaps I can help.

I’m a real wordsmith. I’ve loved to write ever since I first penned my first story aged 6 (about princes and princesses in a strange land if you wanted to know). I wrote all through my schooling, from fairy stories to attention-grabbing essays, debates, news stories, my diary…history pieces, you name it, I’ve written it.

I’m published in magazines, (here are a few: Ultimate Wedding, Today’s Child, Weddingideasmag.com, My Wedding, Confetti, My News…). I’m published online – as a ghostwriter and as a “real” contributor (Procter and Gamble, Bridgman, UK Lash, Weight Loss Resources, Warble Entertainment, Petits Rituels, Premier Door Handles…I could go on). I blog, I write websites, I write articles…I WRITE!

So if you want high-quality writing, in any style, on (almost) any subject, you want me. I can write light-hearted, conversational content or I can be deadly serious. It also doesn’t matter where you’re based in the world, that’s the beauty of online and being connected by various platforms. Oh, I should mention I’m really competitively priced too. You won’t find a better writer at a better price…

  • I write, from scratch
  • Everything is checked through Copyscape
  • I edit
  • I proof

Here’s what I write…

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Catalogues
  • Product descriptions
  • Online content
  • Offline content
  • Anything to do with the written word

Click here to get in touch. I promise I won’t check your grammar!


Iworked for a very big Blue Chip company for over 10 years before moving to work for a very large food business in the marketing department and then a few years later I was hired by a fantastic marketing agency business. Soon after, I got married, got pregnant and gave birth, twice (first a boy and then a girl if you’re interested). Wanting to do something around my family, back in 2009 I started my own marketing business. It continues to run and I’ve helped lots of SME’s with their marketing plans, online and offline.

Over the years, I began to notice more and more of my clients wanting content above everything else and I delivered it. I’m not shy, I think I’m very good at creating content, my clients do too, they must have because I found myself writing more and more and picking up plenty of new content work and clients too, (which is good really because as I’ve told you, I love to write).

A light bulb went off and I decided to offer an extension to my main marketing business and provide mighty fine writing services separately. So here I am, your “write-minded” writer, ready to take on whatever you have to throw at me. Want a blog? No problem. Web content that converts? Easy-peasy. Perhaps you would rather a serious news article, or maybe you need monthly newsletters to promote your business? Whatever you need, I’ll write it, brilliantly.

Let’s get writing….

Contact me here to discuss your writing requirements.

“It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content
of a page when looking at its layout.”




Whether you already have your own blog or you want to start something up, let me help. Don’t worry about style, I can pretty much write in any style you want, even replicate your own personal style so it feels like you wrote it. That’s my ghost-writing service. I can blog on your behalf or for your company. I can also provide thousands of examples of my blog writing, so you can see what my writing is like. I’ve probably covered your subject too, because I’ve written on so many different topics, it’s likely I already know what you want.


Want website content? I can deliver all your web content fast. From describing what you do (eloquently) to crafting landing pages and copy that converts. Want to get a sales message across without customers realising you’re selling? Let me hook ‘em in…I make your website speak to customers. If you want to know what websites I’ve written, drop me a line, I’ll send you my portfolio. From e-commerce to medical, government to education, interiors to property developers, yes, you’ll be impressed!


To grow your online presence, you need content. Keywords aren’t enough anymore and while I am always mindful of SEO, you still need interesting content. Who can be bothered to read through keyword-stuffed articles that don’t read well? No one, I know I switch off. So if you want content that gets you ranked highly and keeps you in the mind of customers, you need writeminded material. That’s me, I’m your woman.


Monthly newsletters are a great way of saying Hi to your customers but if you bombard your followers with useless information, they unsubscribe. Make your newsletters stand out with beautiful writing and interesting articles relating to your products and services. My clients’ newsletters always get read and deliver click-through; why not give yours the same treatment?


Of course, not everyone wants online content. We still live in a world where the written word is thankfully; published every day in every country, long may that last! I write for magazines and newspapers but I also create stunning brochure and leaflet copy. Let me describe your products and services like never before, so much so, you’ll be able to visualise what I’m talking about. That’s the power of high quality copy.

Product Descriptions

I also describe products, whether it’s for web use, brochure use, Amazon copy or other. If you want your products to tell a story and stand out from a very competitive crowd, you need the writeminded touch. It’s copy that sells and copy that really speaks to people. Don’t believe me? Ask me what product categories I’ve covered and I’ll send you pages and pages of examples (you might be sorry…).

Editing and Proof-reading

Finally, if you want me to give your own copy the once-over, I offer an editing and proof-reading service too. You might not need my creativity but you’ll benefit from my advice.

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